Helicopter charter today fro Hans and Jon from Sweden. The Old Course Hotel to Brora Golf Club.

Transfer from Balado Airfield to Norton House ( Edinburgh ). A surprise Birthday flight for Mrs Dickson. Arriving to meet the family for a special evening at Norton House.


Aug 2021


Helicopter Charter from Turnberry to Loch Lomond Golf Club. Heliscot offers various services to the helicopter industry. Tours, Charters, Golf Tours, Distillery Tours to name a few.


Aug 2021

Edinburgh Tours

Helicopter tours over Edinburgh

A busy weekend flying tours over Edinburgh

Charter today from Stirling to St Andrews and the Fairmont Hotel for Louise Shaw and the family

Charter today for the 109 from Cumbernauld Airport to Belvoir Castle and then to Battersea Heliport ( London )

Flight today for the Campbell Family. Departing from Perth Airport to the ‘Oak Tree’ at Balmaha ( Loch Lomond ) for lunch before heading north over Glencoe and Ben Nevis.

Charter today for the Ianns family from Germany. Collecting from the Dalmahoy Hotel ( Edinburgh ) to Skibo Castle ( Dornoch ). Typical Scottish weather with sunshine and showers.

A flight today for Mr and Mrs Ropiak and friends from New York, Collecting from the Dalmahoy hotel to the lagavulin Distillery on Islay. Flying over Jura, Argyl and Loch Lomond